Please email us for a price list. Once you have booked an appointment, we can go over the details that would best enhance your individual needs. We suggest letting us set up a professional make up artist for you that understands color and lighting. Bring several changes of clothes for the shoot. Solid colors work best, no busy patterns or logos. Come with your hair like you normally wear it. Men, bring your hair gel and style it at the studio. If you wear contact lenses, bring a case to remove them for the photo shoot. Also, everyone should bring eye drops in order to have clear eyes in your pictures. Please bring your old headshots if you have any for us to get an idea of what you had.


Headshots are used for all kinds of businesses, from C.E.O'S or Real Estate agents to Actors. Acting headshots range from Commercial and Film to Industrial and Theatrical. It is important that it is a true representation of you, your "look" or the way you want others to perceive you. Sometimes people will want a variety of looks. Headshots are more commonly taken in the studio, although there are times a location shot may be more appropriate.

How to get Acting Representation

Your first step is to contact an agency, requesting an appointment. Be prepared with your resume and a photo. If they are interested they will have you come in for an audition. Have a monologue ready, in case they ask. Prepare yourself with as much training as possible; Take classes with Next Level Acting. Regardless of what agency you decide to sign with, they will need a professional headshot. I believe you look more professional with a good headshot in hand. Check out for a wealth of industry information. Backstage magazine has interviewed Debbie naming “Debbie Porter Photography” one of Houston’s Top Photographers.

Branding Coach

It is known that Debbie’s expertise is coaching you through your photo shoot. Now combining her coaching certification along with her years of experience with a vast array of commercial clients will allow us to design your photographs with the most benefit. Ask us about our coaching packages that include consultation and a breakdown of what exactly you will need.

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